Lava Land Value Your Health Today Sun, 08 Jun 2014 12:57:50 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Human Growth Hormone – The Potent Anabolic Hormone For Your Body Mon, 02 Dec 2013 01:37:56 +0000 Read More...]]> best hgh supplementsHuman growth hormone is much touted these days because of its inherent property to turn back the internal clock. It can assist you to build your muscles, increase libido, and shed fat. All this can be achieved by infusing the body with lots of energy. However, when HGH is discussed, there are some common questions in the minds of people that need to be answered. Before taking HGH supplement, it is very important to understand how it is possible to boost the body’s natural hormone level.

Human Growth Hormone – As Know To People

Human growth hormone is naturally produced in the body. The hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland. It is mainly responsible for the growth of cells and regeneration. It also plays a crucial role in maintaining bone density and muscle mass. Human growth hormone also contributes to the health of human tissues, which includes tissues of the brain and vital organs. Once released, growth hormone is active in our bloodstream only for a couple of minutes, which is enough. The liver takes charge of growth hormone and converts it into a vital growth factors.

Is HGH Naturally Produced?

Yes, human growth hormone is naturally produced in the body. The level of human growth hormone is at its peak in both the sexes during childhood and puberty. The level only starts dropping sharply after 20 years of age.

Age Related Human Growth Hormone Decline – Is It Natural?

Apart from the most important role of human growth hormone in muscle building, other benefits may not be visible to our eyes. Growth hormone slows down the progression of some age-related diseases, such as degenerative diseases. It also increases sexual libido and helps in maintaining mental acuity. On the other side, lower level of human growth hormone can have opposite effects – fat gain, muscle loss, lack of sex drive, lower levels of energy, and overall illness.

best hgh supplementsHow To Boost HGH Production Naturally?

There are two primary factors contributing to the increased level of growth hormone in the body – proper sleep and weight training. If you get both of these regularly, chances are that you will not count low. Exercising is the best way to get your body release more and more amount of growth hormones naturally.

Growth hormone is also released in the body while you sleep. Studies show that when a person is in a state of deep sleep, the body releases a higher amount of human growth hormone.

Diet is another major key factor in keeping the level of growth hormone high. It is necessary to have a healthy and balanced diet.

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Why Penis Extender Device Remains To Be The Popular Choice? Sat, 23 Nov 2013 12:55:42 +0000 Read More...]]> penis extender deviceMen pay particular attention to the size of their penis. The size of the penis can greatly affect the level of confidence and self-esteem of a person. There are perceptions that penile size is culture-based, but this is not always true. One must know that there are various factors affecting the size of the penis. If you have a small penis, then don’t lose hope because the penis extender device is there to help.

What is a penis extender device?

A penis extender is a device worn on the penis during flaccid state. It has various adjustment screws thereby allowing you to progressively adjust and increase the length of the penis. For you to achieve a satisfactory result, you have to wear it for about 5 hours to 8 hours a day.

How does the device work?

The device works through traction principle. What does it mean? Well, it only suggests that a minimal amount of stress should be applied to the penis; just enough to cause cellular division and will eventually regenerate. During this state, expansion of the interval cavities of the penis occurs, which paves way to increase blood circulation. As a result, you will be able to enjoy a bigger penis in just a short span of time. Not only that it will improve the size of the penis, but it can also correct erectile problems, improves sexual stamina, and a noticeable increase not only in the length, but as well as girth of the penis. Traction principle is not new. As a matter of fact, it has been in the business for more than three decades now. A lot of men prefer this male enhancement method because it is very effective and safer as compared with other available methods out there.

penis extender deviceWhat are the advantages of using a penis extender device?

If you are going to compare it with any other penis enhancement method, you will notice that penis extender is more effective and safer to use too. The only downfall is that it will definitely take some time to see the results. You need to strictly adhere with the usage instruction and have a great deal of patience. If you want to increase the size of your penis in an instant, then a surgery is required. However, surgery is very risky and costly too. It is not guaranteed if the result is permanent. With penis extender, the result is gradual, but will surely last.

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Do Male Enhancement Products Really Work Tue, 01 Oct 2013 12:33:10 +0000 Read More...]]> The ads for male enhancement products are left and right. If fact, if you are going to search online you will find all sorts of male enhancement products like pills, pumps, and the likes. The problem is that there is a limited scientific support for the above mentioned male enhancement procedures. The truth is that most techniques advertised in the market are ineffective and can potentially damage your penis.

What is the normal penis size?

In reality, a lot of men have this notion in mind that they have a small penis. As you know, you will not be able to satisfy your partner in bed if you have small penis. Studies showed that those men complaining they have a small penis don’t really have a small penis. In fact, their penis is of normal sized.

male enhancementHere are the facts

The average penis size is 3 inches to 5 inches in normal state, but gets bigger when erected. It can go somewhere between 5 inches to 7 inches. So, how will you be able to conclude if you have a small penis? Well, you have a small penis if it is less than 3 inches in an erect state.

The use of male enhancement products

Most of the penis enlargement methods marketed in the market are ineffective and in fact may cause irreversible damage to your penis. If you want to find out the available methods of improving penile size, keep on reading below.

  • Pills and lotions-They contain essential vitamins, herb extracts, and minerals, which are proven effective in increasing the size of the penis. To be safe, choose the products made from all natural ingredients.
  • Vacuum pumps-The primary purpose of the vacuum pump is to draw more blood into the penile region. The pump is also helpful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, one must understand that it makes the penis grow bigger for a moment. If you used it for a prolonged period of time, it would lead to tissue damage.
  • Penile exercises-it makes use of the hand motion to pull the blood from the base going to the penile head.
  • Penile stretching- you need to literally stretch the penis using a special penis extender device. Research showed that it can increase the size of the penis by up to an inch. However, more research is needed to establish the safety and effectiveness of this method. Experts highly suggest to use natural penis enhancement method.
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Is Testosterone Therapy Needed To Maintain Male Vitality? Tue, 17 Sep 2013 01:44:46 +0000 Read More...]]> Considering testosterone supplements or therapy to maintain youth and vigor is a common these days. However, do you know what are the risks associated with this therapy?

The potential of testosterone supplements and therapy are truly beguiling. Testosterone is a vital hormone that increases muscle mass, sharpens concentration and memory, improves energy levels and boosts libido. With age, testosterone levels start dropping, and a therapy sounds like an anti-aging modus operandi. But, the fact remains that the potential benefits of a hormone therapy for the testosterone decline as related with age are still not clear. There are many known and unknown facts about the use of testosterone for natural aging.

testosterone supplementsTestosterone – What is it?

Testosterone is the main male hormone produced within the testicles. It helps in maintaining bone density, muscle mass and strength, fat distribution, sex drive, and production of red blood cells and sperm.

The level of testosterone reduces due to a typical disease called hypogonadism. The condition is characterized by the inability of the body to produce adequate testosterone as a result of some problem with the pituitary functions controlling the testicles or with testicles in general.

Testosterone therapy is recommended to men to improve the signs of lower testosterone levels. Doctors generally prescribe therapies in the form of pellets, injections, gels or patches.

Signs of Natural Testosterone Decline

It is not necessary that testosterone decline will have some signs and symptoms; however, if it does, the signs may include:

  • Changes in overall sexual behavior and functions – reduce sex drive, infertility and fewer erections.
  • Changes in sleeping patterns, sleep disturbances, and insomnia.
  • Some physical changes like reduced muscle mass and/or strength, increased fat in the body and lowered bone density. Loss of body hair and tender breasts are also common in men.
  • There may be severe emotional changes in men as a result of reduced testosterone levels. Feelings of depression and sadness may be overpowering.

Some of these signs of aging, however, are normal. Other signs may be caused due to various underlying complications, such as thyroid problems, side effects of medication, drug addiction and alcohol consumption. Only a blood test can reveal the testosterone count.

Does Testosterone Promote Vitality and Youth?

Testosterone is responsible for keeping us active, youthful and vigorous. Testosterone therapy may be helpful in reversing the signs of aging that develops as a result of testosterone decline.

Even though some men commonly believe that taking these supplements and therapy can help them to stay young as they grow old, there are only a few extensive studies to show its effects.

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Penis Pumps – What Is It And How Does It Benefit Men? Sat, 10 Aug 2013 01:54:20 +0000 Read More...]]> Penis pumps are considered the most sought-after treatments for male erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction, also called ED, is a typical problem characterized by the inability of a man to achieve and/or maintain his erection for a sufficient period of time to have sexual intercourse.

Penis pumps are devices consisting of:

  • One plastic tube which has to fit over your penis,
  • a battery-powered or hand-help pump that is attached to a plastic tube, and
  • There is a band to fit around the penis base when it becomes erect, also called the constriction ring

Penis pumps are also known as vacuum constriction devices or vacuum pumps.

How to Use Penis Pump?

There are certain steps to be followed for using a vacuum pump.

  • Place the device properly, whether it is a handheld pump or battery-operated, over the organ.
  • Pump air out to create a vacuum. The vacuum will draw blood right into the penile shaft and cause swelling, which will lead to erection.
  • Once there is erection, apply the lubricant and slide the band down towards the lower edge of the organ.
  • Finally, remove the penis pump when the vacuum is released completely.

best penis pumpPenis pump is mainly meant for sexual intercourse. Therefore, you must attempt intercourse when the band is placed on the organ to maintain erection. You can leave the band on safely for about 30 minutes for intercourse.

If you are purchasing the device without prescription, make sure it contains the feature, “quick release.” If the vacuum is not released quickly, it can lead to penile injuries.

How Efficient Are the Vacuum Constriction Devices?

Studies reveal that more than 50 to 80 percent of males are totally satisfied with penis pumps and its results. Compared to other methods of erectile dysfunction treatment, satisfaction rate of penis pumps is very high.

 Who Can Use It?

Penis pump or vacuum constriction device is safe. It may be used by men with erectile dysfunction triggered by some common underlying conditions, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Interrupted flow of blood to the penile shaft

Surgery for colon cancer or prostate cancer

  • Men suffering from psychological problems like stress, depression or anxiety

However, penis pumps cannot be used by males having congenital bleeding disorders or suffering from priapism (prolonged erection causing pain).

Side Effects

The vacuum pump induced erection is not like natural erection, which is obvious. As a result, there may be some reactions or side effects. For instance, the penis may become purplish or reddish in color, often numb or cold.

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Build A Bigger And Girthed Penis With Penis Extender Fri, 19 Jul 2013 10:51:22 +0000 Read More...]]> penis extender devicePenis extenders have gradually evolved to become one of the most popular devices for male enhancement. There are several choices available today for the purpose of enlarging the male sex organ; however, buying an extender involves some expertise.

Enlargement exercise programs never fail to give men what they truly desire – an increased girth and length of the penis. However, like other workout equipments, it is very important to make sure you are careful about your choice. Any mistake and you may be sexually crippled for the rest of your life. So, it is best suggested to research some of the penis extenders that are popular today and then take a decision.

Basics of Penis Extenders

There are some basic essential features of penis extenders that every man must know before using the device.

  • Penis extenders have a unique design, which allows the device to stretch the organ when it is worn.
  • Even though you might come across different designs of penis extenders, there are some fastening points that remain the same. Basically, the principle is to provide stretch and lengthen the organ. It almost works like exercising.
  • One of the most important features of penis extenders is that it is scientifically proven. This is something that no other enlargement device can guarantee.
  • Having said that – always consider extender devices that come with attachments. You must learn how it is to be adjusted, read instructions, and ensure that it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Functions and Working Mechanism – Does it work?

Because penis extenders are scientifically proven devices, they work. As a matter of fact, they work much better than most of the other products meant for enlargement. Surgery is considered to be the last resort for enlargement; however, it is often said that extenders produce better result than surgery and they have lesser risk of distortion.

There have been several penis enlargement studies that have shown how extenders have benefitted men within a period of 6 to 8 months.

How Does It Function?

As stated before, penis extenders are basically devices that apply a certain amount of stretch to the organ. Most of these devices are designed likewise and they have 2 basic components – fastening points and bars.

penis extender deviceThe fastening points are meant to be located at the end of the penis, the base, and just before the point where the glands are.

The rods or bars are designed to lengthen the extender.

The bars can be lengthened further by the user, for stretching the organ over time.

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How To Boost The Level Of Human Growth Hormone In The Body Mon, 17 Jun 2013 12:44:09 +0000 Read More...]]> best hgh supplementsA guy enters a period of somatopause once they reach 30 years old. During this period, the level of human growth hormone starts to drop. You don’t have to worry though because there are many available options to increase the level of HGH and one of which is the use of the best HGH supplements.However, more research should be made to find out the benefits as well as the side effects of using human growth hormone supplement.

The real story behind human growth hormone

Before you spend your money in HGH supplement, it is first worth knowing the real story behind HGH. As early as 1985, synthetic HGH has been found as a primary component of most health supplements. Research showed that the best HGH supplements are really proven effective as long as used the right way. The Human growth hormone supplement has this reputation that it should be used in combination with anabolic steroids and athletes mostly used this type of supplement. The Human growth hormone supplement is also used to treat children with genetic health issues, especially children with HGH deficiency. If you are an adult and you want to combat visible signs of aging, then human growth hormone supplement can be a big help.

Increasing the level of human growth hormone is a way of maintaining and improving one’s health and overall wellness. With its regular intake, you will notice that you have better endurance, high energy, increase muscle mass, and a significantly lower blood pressure. You will also reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus, a much improved sexual performance and stamina in bed, and a healthier and fitter body. The production of human growth hormone is at its peak during adolescence, but the demand for human growth hormone increases as you get older. Hence, it is important to know the different ways to increase the level of human growth hormone in the body.

best hgh supplementsThere is a holistic approach in terms of increasing the level of human growth hormone. You should take control of what you eat. Aside from that, you also need to perform exercises together with a strict workout plan. It would also help a lot if you are going to take oral human growth hormone supplement. Human growth hormone injection is also available, but this should only be performed by a licensed doctor. Do not attempt to do the injection on your own, especially if you are not sure of the dosing.

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Few Things To Know About Male Enhancement Techniques And Their Use Mon, 06 May 2013 01:31:36 +0000 Read More...]]> Amongst so many male enhancement techniques and procedures, it is often difficult to find out which one would be the best. Some pills and devices do show promise, as per research and review, but they may not work well for everyone.

male enhancementIt is often said that most men desiring a longer and stronger penis usually don’t understand the basics of male enhancement. So, it is important to understand a few facts about very clearly before you proceed with the idea of enhancement.

Exercises Is Not Always the Best – Fact

There are different forms of exercises for male enhancement, such as Kegel exercise and jelqing. These techniques work well with most men but may not be applicable to all. As a matter of fact, there is no such exercise that can increase the penis size significantly and maintain it forever. Whilst you are likely to come across several websites touting the benefits of jelqing and kegel exercises as one of the few ancient Asian techniques, the truth is that this organ is cannot be enlarged by exercising as it is not just a piece of muscle.

Vacuum Pumps Are the Best Choice- True

Vacuum pumps are the ultimate choice for male enhancement. In most of the cases, vacuum pumps have been helpful to men with medical conditions which inhibit proper blood circulation for achieving stronger erection. They are generally helpful for older men, or others suffering from some medical condition like diabetes. Nonetheless, they don’t provide permanent growth or solution you wish to achieve.

Cock Rings Effect Stamina, Not Size – Fact

Just like vacuum pumps, there are cock rings to assist sexual stimulation. Cock rings are worn to maintain erection for long, which may also assist with stamina. However, these devices don’t have any effect on the size of the penis. Their effect only lasts till the time it is worn. Once opened, it does not have any effect.

male enhancementPills and Supplements Are Not the Best – Fact

There are a lot of supplements and pills that can effectively treat erectile dysfunction. Such pills normally work by making the arterial muscles smooth and relaxed so that the blood supply to the organ is uninterrupted. This ensures that the erection last longer. As with most of the other myths, male enhancement supplements also don’t have a direct effect on the size of penis. However, during the sexual act, it may stimulate sensation and increase blood flow to the genitals, thereby making the organ appear bigger. If you want long-lasting effects, it is best to consult a doctor.

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Do You Really Need To Use A Penis Pump? Thu, 18 Apr 2013 12:39:01 +0000 Read More...]]> Thinking your penis is smaller than the average? The average penis size is 5 to 6 inches in an erect state. The size varies during flaccid state. In reality, there are guys who have smaller penis and it is linked with hormonal and genetic issues. However, studies showed that those men seeking penis enhancement actually have average sized. They just have this misconception in mind that they have a small penis and psychology is the one to blame.

best penis pumpUse the best penis pump to improve the size of the penis

If you are searching for ways to improve the size of your penis, then you should only use the best penis pump. Studies showed that penis pump is very helpful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The device consists of a tube and a band. The other term for penis pump is vacuum pump. Other people call it a vacuum constriction device.

How does it work?

A penis pump is a cylindrical device that sucks the air out. You have to stick your penis and the vacuum will be the one to draw blood in it thereby making your penis appear bigger. After which, you have to clamp off the penis using a tight ring so as to keep the blood from leaking back. Do not use the device for more than 20 to 30 minutes as doing so would lead to tissue damage.

best penis pumpWhat can it do for you?

If you are going to compare penis pump with other devices, you will notice that penis pumps are effective. You will get desirable results as long as used the right way. It also poses lesser risk as compared with other treatments. Cost wise, you will save money if you are going to use the pump. Furthermore, the penis pump increases the size of the penis through a non-invasive way. You don’t need to undergo surgical procedure just to improve the size of your penis. The device can also be used to treat other problems. It has the ability to treat erectile dysfunction as long as used alongside with other treatments. If you regularly use the pump, your ability to regain natural erection will be restored.

If you are going to search online, you will find so many brands of penis pumps. As much as possible, choose the most highly reputable brand in the market as it guarantees safety and effectiveness. It can be costly, but you will surely get the best value for your money.

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Increase Your Body’s Testosterone Level Through Natural Methods Mon, 14 Jan 2013 12:52:56 +0000 Read More...]]> Testosterone is a male hormone produced by the testicles. This hormone plays a very important role in male sexuality and reproduction. It is also the very same hormone responsible in the development of muscle mass, hair growth, and overall reproductive functioning. The body has the natural ability to produce testosterone, but once you reach the age of 30, testosterone production gradually declines and continues to do so with age.

testosterone supplementsCan you replace testosterone?

Testosterone supplements are there to help replace loss hormone. How will you be able to find out if you lack testosterone? Well, you manifest the following symptoms:

  • Decreased sex drive
  • Depressed mood
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Altered memory

If you are suffering from any of the above mentioned symptoms, then the best thing to do is to have yourself checked. If the result showed that you have abnormal level of testosterone, then it’s time for you to consider taking testosterone supplements. Aside from taking supplements, there are also other things you can do to normalize the level of testosterone in the body and these are as follows:

  • Lose weight-If you are overweight, then it would help a lot if you are going to shed off excess weight. Research showed that overweight men re prone to low testosterone. To be able to lose weight, you have to limit your intake of processed sugar. You should also cut soda from your diet.
  • Exercise-simple exercises are proven effective in boosting the level of testosterone in the body. The catch is that you have to perform short intense exercises.
  • Increase your zinc intake- Zinc plays a very important role in the production of testosterone. If you are going to take zinc for straight six weeks, you will notice a significant improvement in the level of testosterone in the body.
  • Reduce Stress- Stress is the number one reason why men are suffering from low testosterone level. If you are under a great deal of stress, your body releases cortisol, which is a stress hormone. This is the very same hormone that blocks the effects of testosterone. Hence, the best thing you can do is to limit your exposure to stress. If stress can’t be prevented, then at least come up with stress management techniques.

testosterone supplementsIf you have tried the above mentioned tips, but still unable to see improvement in your T level, then the best thing to do is to consult your doctor in order to determine the root cause of the problem.

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